Covid-19 Updates

-Vera Starbard-

“I had a perpetually re-scheduled appointment at Dimond Vision Clinic (rescheduling because of the hunker down) and was finally able to be seen. The communication was excellent on what I needed to do – come with a mask, wait in the car, call them, and they will let me know when to come in.

When I did come in, they opened the door for me so I wasn’t touching it, verified it was me, and then let me in and asked me to stand beside the door while they checked my temperature and gave me hand sanitizer. I went through the whole appointment with extremely minimal touching or closeness (as much as you can with an eye appointment!) and everyone was wearing masks.

When I was done I went to order my contacts just outside my exam room, and someone swooped in right away and wiped down everything.

Everyone was incredibly friendly, kept working with me over the months (even gave me a free pair of contacts because I was out in the first few weeks, and then ordered me a few months supply on my old prescription when we had to keep rescheduling.)

We’ve always had excellent care there, but this went above and beyond what was required of them. They clearly care about their employees and about the community.”